Demon adventurer with a knack for magical subjugation


ST 10 HP 10
DX 14 PER 10
IQ 10 WILL 10
HT 10 FP 10

Advantages: Ray of Ecstasy (6) optimal range under 10 yards, max range 100 yards, foe saves against HT-5 adding in DR as a resistance bonus. If they fail they are incapacitated for 1 min per degree of failure as they spasm uncontrollably. (can take no actions, -4 to all active defenses) Skill is 18 to hit with ray
Telekinesis (20; only metal) uses telekinesis to wield a heavy flail dealing 3d6+6 Crushing damage on a successful hit. Skill is 18 to hit with heavy flail
Vampiric Bite (5 dam per sec; Heal 1 per 3 damage dealt) can drain grappled or incapacitated foes with sharp teeth (1d6-3) must penetrate DR to begin draining. Willing or helpless victims automatically have DR penetrated. Skill of 14 to attack in Melee
Binding (4) Chains are summoned under the target and attempt to pin them down with effective ST score of 4. A successful contest of escape artist vs Chain ST allows escape as does 4 points of damage to the chains (less than 4 damage will still reduce the strength of the chains and how much remaining HP{ they have) Skill is 18 to hit and start grapple
DR (1) resistant to all damage types by 1, calculated after damage resistance from armor

Other Skills: Knot-Tying 18, Observation 10

Disadvantages: Greed, Lecherousness, Life-bane, Odious personal Habit (Blood-drinker)


Worships the goddess Aviditas for her bent towards dark desires such as lust, greed, and envy. Has come to New Faerun in hopes of satisfying those urges and will do all he can to come out on top. His demonic heritage is known as the race: Incubus; and he wishes to make himself a prime example of his species.


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