New Faerun

We're Alive!

We fought a group of Bosses just a while ago. The had symbols burnt onto their chests that glowed when we killed them and matched up with symbols on this massive door. There was a giant Ettin and two massive Spiders. We took down the Ettin just before it could get to us but the 2 spiders nearly caught us by surprise when they jumped down from some nearby stalagmites. Dues blasted away at their eyes and i used my telekinetic Flail to bash in their guts. Meanwhile the knight of the frying pan and Arabela kept us from being flanked and made sure we didn’t fall to the deadly poison. After we butchered the spiders for their carapace, we checked on the Ettin for loot but it turns out he wasn’t dead, he had just collapsed. He grabbed Dues by his leg and slammed him against the floor nearly crippling him. I have never seen Dues so mad, he let off a wave of energy that evaporated the flesh right of the Ettin’s arm who then died from shock. Turns out the stinking Ettin didn’t even have anything on him, but the last symbol on that door lit up. Arabela is healing Dues and then we’ll head through the door, hopefully whatever is through there will have been worth the effort. Otherwise Dues and Arabela might just explode with fury.


13smart_alec13 13smart_alec13

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