New Faerun

The Beginning

We’ve been brought to New Faerun, come to seek our fortunes. Upon arrival we are sold to a hideous creature by the name of Thousand Eyes for 6 grand. He immediately has his servants paint red eyes on our foreheads. He then has them give us a tour of the guild hall after bringing us into Lower Faerun. It is explained to us that if we eat here it will be added to our debt, Arabela smirks at this and eyes the heavy frying pan in our companion’s hand.

Deciding not to dally anymore with formalities we head into the depths; they reek. Sewage pours from the walls and ceiling and a couple minutes in we are besieged by rats. We quickly dispose of them and Arabela starts putting that frying pan to use; before too long we have half a backpack full of fresh rat steak.
We come to a crossroads, they way to the left has shamblers, the right seems clear but up ahead we see people and decide to make way for them. They tell us they normally charge an entry fee for the “privilege” of entering the dungeon. Our caster Dues feels somethings up and halfway through them lets off a blast that nearly cuts their right flank in half. within thirty seconds we have them dispatched except one we kept alive to interrogate. Arabela tends to my wounds while Dues rolls in on the captive with questions. while this is going on, our mysterious knight of the frying makes a deal with a passing traveler in order to buy his tiger. She then proceeds to issue commands to it in order to test its reliability. So far it looks like she can make it kill and make it stop killing. I’m glad for the latter because that thing gives me a hungry eye every once and awhile, and I’ve been hurt enough today.
Anyway looks like there’s a building up ahead so I should put this Journal away and focus.


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