New Faerun

A Debt Repaid

It hurt to leave that much wealth behind. There were 6 sarcophagi on the second floor, and we only opened one. Our take home was over $2000 in coins alone. Not to mention Dues got this sword that turned out to be magic but not before he nearly decapitated himself with a cursed amulet, luckily he overpowered it and managed to yank it off. After that we decided that all the money in the other sarcophagi was worthless if we didn’t get any of it out of the dungeon so we started the haul back up to the surface. As we went to leave though we were ambushed by another group of adventurers, they opened another sarcophagus before they noticed us and their caster almost knocked Dues out. one of them escaped but we killed the rest and found this shadow thing that they released from the sarcophagus; it says it wishes to be our friend, for a price of course. It feeds on the dead we leave in our wake and its hunger seems insatiable, it made a pact with Dues claiming that it will eat him if he doesn’t feed it well enough. In exchange Dues has gained access to a well of strength from the creature, not that he needed it, the man can blow shit up with his mind but who am I to judge. Any way, over the next few days we went back down into the entry to the second floor a few more times; defeating guardian bosses each time. Apparently the floors reset each night which is why there seems to be no end to the wealth extorted from the dungeon, as well as explain how adventurers of so many strength levels are all able to make a living, instead of the strong starving out the weak.
After those trips down below it seems we were able to pay off thousand eyes and start our own guild, and it hasn’t even been a whole week. Things are looking up, I’ve decided to form a bond with the shadow seeing as it hasn’t eaten Dues, but I’ve only agreed to expose it to my ecstasy ray; it would seem the creature embodies the sins of greed, lust, envy, and the like which suits me. It claims to serve a local goddess whose domain includes those attributes, it may be in our best interest to pay her tribute in the near future. In the mean time though we collected a few new magic items. I obtained a defense ring which creates a near impenetrable barrier but prevents me from attacking, Arabela received an elemental bow that draws upon her stamina to fuel its power, and Saucy got a mace that calls enemies to attack her but packs a hell of a wallop.
All in all I think we are doing well for ourselves; I hope only to rise from here and live to spend our growing wealth spawned from our good fortunes and hard work.


13smart_alec13 13smart_alec13

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